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November 29, 2010

Heroes Vs Villians Toy Battle: Mikey & I Play With Some Toys!!!

My son Mikey has been fascinated by Marvel's Superhero Squad toys ever since he first laid eyes on him. You got to admit that the little figures are extremely cool due to their amazing likenesses and cool selection of characters that are included in the set. They have released a shitload of these guys over the past few years, and Mikey has an extraordinary amount of them. I thought it would be cool to set up a mock "heroes vs villians" battle scene on the kitchen table, pitting all the teams we love from the Marvel Universe against their mortal enemies. Due to Marvel trying to capitalize on the success of Wolverine, Spiderman, and Iron Man, there are an obscene amount of these characters present (especially Iron Man!!!). Unfortunately, you must keep buying these duplicates in order to get some of the cooler figures in the two packs they come in. Anyway, I shot some awesome pics as well as a video of the "great battle". Hope you enjoy.

Side View

Front View

***Please click Read more below to see all of the individual figures pics***

The X-Men

Random Marvel Heroes

The Spiderman Squad

The Avengers

Iron Man Corps

Fantastic Four + Silver Surfer

Batman: Brave & The Bold Crew
Spiderman's Rouge Gallery

X-Men Villians

Avenger's Villians

Iron Man's Rouge Gallery

Fantastic Four's Rouge Gallery

Batman: The Brave & the Bold Villians

Captain America vs Red Skull

The Defenders

Galactacus & his herald, Silver Surfer

Marvel Knights

Evolution of the Iron Man Armor (Right to Left)

The New Fantastic Four (Remember that... fuck the 90's!!!)

The Sinister Six


  1. Those are so awesome. I love the Galactus and the smiley faced Apocalypse the best. How do you decide who wins each battle? I figured dice but how ever you have proven once again what a cool dad you are.

  2. The Superhero Squad toys look nice.

    And it looks like Mikey is really into them!

    I can't wait to start my son on the comic characters! I should probably start now with my daughter!

  3. My kid loves these things too. They have been a consistent item on the Christmas list for the last few years.

  4. Stop blowin' up my spot, baby! mean Beni.
    Never mind.

  5. @Jeff & Bri- Beni got some good taste!!!

    @ Joe F- Its never to early to start, and sex doesn't matter. Comics know no gender!!!

    @ Kal- Actually, this was just a set up battle. We didn't play out all of the fights themselves. I gotta try and video my little guy playing... those are some funny ass things to watch. He is extremely creative. Makes for funny situations to watch. I also love the oversized guys. They made a Fin Fang Foom dragon that I have never been able to track down for him... I also love the Goliath one. Great toy line... Also, thanks for the compliment about being a great dad. I try. That little guy makes me soooooo happy. The older he gets, the better it is!!!!