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October 20, 2010

A Typical E-mail Convo Between Jeff Bond, Joe Esq, & Mike D... Priceless

This was just one of the 50 or so emails a day that gets bounced between Jeff Bond, Joe Esq, Tommy L, Brianna, Joe F, KMG, Kate Jones, Glen Garcia, myself and many others about some cool shit that we saw on the net... honestly, this is the exact reason I started CCD in the first place. I would come across all this cool shit, so I had to share it with like minded (see above) people that I know. After the emails started to top 100 a day (with everyones reponses) I decided to just centralize the majority of them. Thats how CCD was born. Anywho, this particular email was about a Star Wars/Star Trek mashup tee shirt over at CCD's favorite tee shirt company, TeeFury.


Now, I instantly wanted to die when I saw this. I am not a Trek hater (not really), but I damn sure don't want to be mashing it up with the Wars. To quote friend of CCD Dan Fogler in FanBoys "We don't hock the Trek here... we keep this here phaser in stock to sus out Trekkie bitches like yourselves and tell them to get the hell off our land. Get the hell off of our land... GET THE HELL OFF OF OUR LAND!!!"

So, I digress... here is how the email between Jeff, Joe, and myself went:

  • Jeff: For the nerd who can't choose between "Wars" & "Trek"
  • Joe Esq: C'mon now... if you can't choose between the two, are you really a nerd?
  • Jeff Bond: Geek???
  • Joe Esq: Nah. I would say the first step to becoming either is the decision to like one of the two over the other.
  • Mike D: You are not a Geek or a Nerd if you like the "Trek" over Star Wars... Ur just a dick!!!
  • Joe Esq: I wish that was a Facebook Status... I'd "like" it.
Hehehehe... just a bit of an insight into us geeking out. This goes on all day. Jeff usually introduces a topic innocently enough, Joe Esq usually hates on it, and then I swoop in at the end and try to be as hateful and demeaning as possible... nah, I'm just kidding. It's all in fun. To be honest, if they wanted to mashup the Falcon with anything accepatble, I would go with this design (which was also found and emailed  by Jeff Bond):

Millenium Lee... nice!

Now thats something we Star Wars fans here at CCD can get behind. Just wanted to give you a glimpse into the creative process we go through. It may not seem like much, but its how we get things done. So lets get your opinions in the comments below: Are you guys die hard Trekkies or Down With The Force? Let us here your opinions below.


  1. 'Star Wars' might have nurtured me but, if those new J.J. Abrams Trek films keep it up..they might win me over to the 'dark side'.

    Ahh who am I kidding, I can't even make that statement without using a Star Wars reference.

    Star Wars!

  2. PS How cool would a whole Hazzard/Star Wars mash-up be.

    Boss Hogg/Emperor Palpatine
    Uncle Jesse/Ben Kenobi

    Tommy L clear your on those drawings!

  3. I can not believe that the Millenterprise Falcon got a huge stack of hotcakes!

    Take a look at all the comments. Teefury - Millenterprise Falcon

    Here are some that made me angry.

    Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this shirt!!!!!!
    LOVE IT!!

    dude, geek heaven. so awesome

    Really? Come on. Pick one!

  4. JJ's Trek was pretty good... but they don't need to be crossing over into our beloved Star Wars side.... stay with your own kind, Spock Suckers!!!!

  5. I've always been a bigger Star Wars fan. Aside from the original '66 series and the movies, I never fell into Star Trek ('Next Generation' and all that never interested me... still doesn't.) But damned right I'd take the JJ Abrams' movie over the last three Star Wars prequels! Ha.