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October 20, 2010

OHC of the Day: Taylor Cole

What a familiar face... it must be from all the commercials that Taylor Cole has done in the past. She started out hawking products like Crest, Dooney & Burke, and Old Spice. Then she moved on to the WB and the show Summerland, which I suprisingly used to watch. Despite the fact that the show was cancelled after 2 seasons, the Summerland alums are doing quite well for themselves. Zac Efron, Ryan (Jason Stackhouse) Kwanten, and singer Jesse McCartney all got some of their earliest roles on the Cali surf based show, and now our lovely Taylor is poised to join them as stars. Taylor moved on to a few music videos and TV guest appearances. Then she got the starring role in the 2008 remake of the horror classic April Fools Day, but it got bumped straight to video. She was the bad guys chick that gets accidently killed by police officer John Cena in 12 Rounds, providing the catalyst for the crazed behavior of her bereaved boyfriend. She was the cast in some webisodes for Heroes, and then her character was actually intergrated into the main TV show for Season 4. She is ready to breakout, and it helps that she is on the #1 new show on TV, The Event. Her character, Vicky Roberts, is the covert officer who has kidnapped Leila and is trying to catch the elusive Sean. Is she really evil... or is one of the good guys? That show is mad confusing, but since it has been picked up for a full 22 episode season we should find out soon. You can also see her in the upcoming film Melvin Smarty. All I know is if I were to be kidnapped, there are far uglier people who could have done it... She may be an OHC (Obscure Hot Chick) right now, but Taylor Cole is on the move... just remember you heard it here at CCD first. 

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  1. This broad is hot as hell. I think she reminds me of a young Sherilyn Fenn mixed with Megan Fox. A winning combination you may not agree with but, a hot broad for sure.

    That first photo is so hot I just want to take her back to the hotel room, and get a hooker, and some coke...just nod your head if you're into it.

  2. Honestly, I remember her from Summerland. I love that cheesy sitcom shit, and that show was really cool. Can not believe Jason Stackhouse, Zac Efron and Jesse McCartney all came of a WB show... I always thought she was a hottie, and she certainly has grown up!!!! Very nice.... pass it on!

  3. I'd let this girl rub her face all over my penis.