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October 28, 2010

OHC of the Day: Amber Heard

Can one actress save Nic Cage from bankruptcy (and lunacy), John Carpenter from making another shitty horror movie (have you seen Ghosts of Mars?) & help Johnny Depp from becoming known as someone who can only make Pirate movies all in one year? If anybody can do it, its gonna have to be Amber Heard. She is all set to star with Cage in Drive Angry 3-D, alongside Depp in The Rum Diaries, and will be the lead character in John Carpenter's newest film, The Ward. Thats why we are featuring her now... cause in about 3-6 months, she is about to be Megan Fox circa two years ago status. Heard has posed in Maxim, FHM, Italian GQ (the black haired pics below... wow!) and Details (among many other mags), and she has had some small parts in some great movies. Remember the two hot blondes that made Anton Yelchin happy to be kidnapped in Alpha Dog? Remember that next door neighbor that Jesse Eisenberg was so head over heals in love with... right up until she tried to eat his face in Zombieland? How about Seth Rogen's unbelievably hot teen age girlfriend in Pineapple Express? Yup, all three of those roles were Heard. You have seen her... but do you know her? Probably not. Check out the indie horror movie All The Boys Love Mandy Lane, and also be on the lookout for And Soon The Darkness with fellow young (and possible future OHC) Odette Yustman. The Rum Diaries, The Ward, and Drive Angry 3-D all open later this year and early 2011. Get familiar people... these blonde locks and beautiful smile ain't going nowhere!!!

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  1. omg i thinks shes hot and im a straight female!

  2. The yellow rose of Texas.... Yall!

  3. She sure is a talented Texan that's for sure. As for her beauty, she is from Texas after all.