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October 29, 2010

The Comic Pull List: Halloween Edition by James West

Hey kids! On this Comic Book Pull List, I was debating doing Blackest Night or Marvel Zombies…but then I decided that I had already previously reviewed some Blackest Night stuff, and I actually think Marvel Zombies is more depressing than scary. So, I went into my hidden lair (basement), and did some looking around for some good horror/scary comics for you Halloweenies!


Okay, Marvel Zombies is depressing…but Ashley J. Williams killing them is not. The story begins with Ash having died (something from his own comic series that I didn’t read), and waiting in line at the gates of Heaven…but when he turns around, he sees that people in line are currently acting as lunch for a now zombified Sentry. In an attempt to escape, Ash falls into the Marvel Zombies universe…and the sh*t hits the fan from there. Ash’s journey takes him from beating up Daredevil because he thinks he’s a bad guy, to hitting on Scarlet Witch, to accidentally leading to Spider-Man’s infection, to witnessing the version of himself from his world killed (eaten by none other than Howard the Duck), to killing said duck (see above), then going all the way to Latveria to ask for help from none other than Doom himself. Ash thinks the Necronomicon is at work here, and Doom is the one who currently owns it. The mini-series combines the same comedy and horror as Army of Darkness does, and boy is it groovy.


Anyone who’s familiar with comics knows that Neal Adam’s is the MASTER artist. Famous for reinvigorating Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and Batman in the 1970’s along with writer Denny O’Neil, Neal Adams is one of the “big” names in the industry, up there in terms of legendary-ness with Stan Lee, arguably. Adams’ reputation as an artist is definitely not put into question here. The art is stunning as Adams ever was. The redesigns of the monsters are different than those of the Universal Studios classic versions, but are still respectful, and much better than a certain other reimagining of the classic monsters *cough*Van Helsing*cough*. All in all, definitely a fun read, with a pretty awesome battle at the end. Also worth it for the sketches and concept art in the back of the book (I say back, but it’s a pretty hefty portion) that Neal has worked on over the years, including work for movies like Funhouse, From Beyond, and more!

Superman/Batman #77

Superman/Batman is a monthly that focuses not so much on current goings on in the DCU, and really just tells stories about whatever the writer at the time wants. This month’s ish doesn’t star Superman, or Batman, but rather Supergirl and Robin! Supergirl needs help on a case, so she goes to Gotham to find the world’s greatest detective (in this case, Dick Grayson, since Brucie is MIA still). Instead, she finds Damian Wayne, the newest Robin! Damian and Supergirl don’t get along very well…in fact, anyone and Damian don’t get along very well (Except for Batman and Alfred). Damian is a 10 year who acts like a 40 year old, arrogant mastermind…and it’s fantastic! The two team up, infiltrate a Halloween party, run into the Scarecrow (is there a better Batman villain for the Halloween season?), etc, etc. Damian is such a fun character to read, and is an especially a fun character when he’s making fun of Batgirl or Supergirl. Definitely worth it for the interplay!

There ya go, folks! Some of the spookiest comics to pick up for the season! Happy Halloween!

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