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October 25, 2010

Lego Iconic: Spooky Halloween Edition by Jeff Bond

CCD All Horror Week continues and I couldn't help but to piece together a fitting tribute to the holiday...made entirely of brick! The bulk of these artistic works take the form of macabre mini-figures but there's also some horrific holiday customs that take a larger scale. Enjoy....and beware....

Big Daddy Nelson offers this creepy undead witch and keeper of the jack o' lantern patch entitled 'Change of Seasons'. If I encountered this gruesome ghoul on a walk through the woods I may have to 'change my shorts'.

Morgan 190 whose Lego Mini-fig customs made primarily from,  believe it or not, existing Lego elements offers these creepy little buddies for the holiday. Surely you agree, the photography and C.G. editing makes these toys spring to life in the most gruesome of ways. Which is the creepiest? Jump to Morgan's flickr page for hundreds more!!

***Please click Read more below for more of Jeff Bond's Lego Iconic***

Polywen imagines what ghostly tales the Ewoks may have contrived during the holiday on in 'Legend of Sleepy Endor'. Beware, rebel scum!

Also from Polywen is this mini diorama entitled 'It came from Below'. Although super tiny, it's easy to imagine this monstrosity emerging from under a local office building wreaking havoc as it seemingly grows and inches forward. 

I found this photo of a this fiery skull over at My Opera Blogspot made primarily of Lego fire elements. Cool head!

Custom Mini-fig of the U.K. posted this dangerous doc over at their site created by 'Cartoon Dude'. I'd hate to have HIM remove my swollen tonsils

Jesse Brick Builder submitted this Dead Lego Clone Trooper  for a Lego Star wars custom contest. He's a winner in my book.

Pasukaru76 posted his vision of the seldom seen 'The Fifth Rider' of the Apocalypse which bears a strange resemblance to one...Spongebob Squarepants. About his work, creator says:
"Behold, the lesser known Fifth Rider of the Apawkalips! He goes by the name of Stupidity, and he will turn a third of the population of the world into zombies, looking for brainnnnz."

Windell at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories went to work carving out the tiny skulls of Lego mini-figs and retrofitting them with LED lights to create this truly glowing rendition of 'The Headless Horsemen'. posted this anatomy chart of the inner working of a Lego Mini-fig. I'll never pop off a Mini-fig's head or torso again without thinking about the internal bleeding I may cause. Creepy!

Poster, The Maccast, over at Flickr created this piece reflecting a scene of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her adversary of the undead kind entitled 'Buffy Kicks Lego Vampire Butt'. Indeed!

Here's some other ghoulish creations from the same Brick builder.

'Aah, A Bat'

'Alien Landing'

'Attack of the Giant Lego Spiders'

Speaking of chilling Lego movie moments, our own Mr. Mike D. himself sent me the piece he found at by Reasonably Clever Chris depicting General Zod and the rest of Superman's adversary's after being banished to the Phantom Zone in 'Superman II' entitled 'Zone Mural'. The work is done in a Lego Mosaic which is becoming an increasingly popular Lego medium. Step back a little from your monitor to get the full effect!

S & M Lego style? This clients bum looks a little red...I hope he has a safe word handy.

A frequent CCD Lego Iconic post regular, Sir Nadroj , allowed for this chilling ghost-captained, ghost horse driven, stage coach entitled 'Ghost Coach'. Show him some love over at flickr. tell him CCD sent ya!

At The Hunter's Lair , A forum devoted exclusively to the Predator films, I found these completely customed Predator and Alien Mini-figs. I wouldn't wanna be a brick that stands between these two other-worldly oddities.

Technabob posted this Alien and offspring entitled 'A New Queen Emerges' from creator Onosendai2600 that stopped and posed on their walk through the Lego muck. posted this UNBELIEVABLE Predator alien bust . If you stare at it too long it almost appears to come alive. Koo-doze!

Finally, gdmfl68 @Flickr suited up with his friends for a recent night on the town with these PERFECTLY CONSTRUCTED Halloween costumes!

Sleep tight, Lego enthusiasts and don't let the brick bugs bite. 


  1. MAn, these guys have some patience! Really great work.

  2. You all know my feelings on all the Lego stuff that is available today as compared to when I was a kid (squares and rectangle ONLY). I am terrified about what I could have accomplished if I had access to all the great accessories they put out today. I would have my Lego time machine up and running at that should scare the rest of you too.

  3. These are freaking fantastic! It's great to see artists utilizing legos as a new medium.

  4. Thanks for checkin' in guys. I'm working on my Lego Mansion for display in my own bathroom. One day maybe I'll be able to include it in one of my posts. Perhaps a decade from now.

  5. Jeff, how about a Lego toilet? Functional, of course.

  6. Well, if I did..that would definitely have a place in next halloween's CCD All Horror Week Lego Iconic, that's for sure. A real Horror-show.