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October 25, 2010

My 3 Favorite Scary Movies Of All Time: Kristen "KMG" Grillo Edition

Ever since that scene in Scream where Ghostface asks Ms Barrymore that same question people have been asking each other it with regularity. Actually, I'm pretty sure they have been asking each other that since the beginning of film itself. Scary movies are just so easy to talk about... and so easy to form an opinion of. For many reasons they are the genre of movies that you can point to and say "Yup, these are the ones I LOVE!!!" In honor of CCD's 1st annual All Horror Week, we decided to highlight some of our contributors and friends 3 favorite scary/horror movies of all time. These may not be the best, but they are each person's FAVORITE, so these lists should be quite fun. Here we go!

First up, we got the movie trailer assasin herself, Kristen "KMG" Grillo. She has written Trailer Trash Talking here on CCD for a minute, and even though her productivity has been down lately (step your game up yo!!!) she is poised to make a serious comeback soon. She also took alot of the CCD pics from the floor of the 2010 NYC Comic Con. With no further, I present Kristen Grillo's 3 Favorite Scary Movies Of All Time:

John Carpenter's Halloween (1978) -

He wasn't in your dreams. He wasn't a hockey faced mongoloid who drowned in a lake (although I have a great amount of respect for the first few installments of Friday the 13th). He was real. And his evil felt real. The best of its time and, in my opinion, nothing has ever come close to it's style since it's release.

The Blair Witch Project (1999) -

Say what you will about this low budget horror mockumentary , the marketing of this movie was brilliantly executed by a bunch of nobodies and while the ending may leave some (not I) sort of empty, the hair on my neck still stands whenever I think of that creepy house scene at the end.

George Romero's Night of the Living Dead (1968) -

Romero is the Godfather of Zombie Horror. Though I usually forget about it throughout the year, Night of The Living Dead is a huge reminder of why I loved Halloween (and horror) as a little California Raisin (a costume my mother unfortunately dressed me in as a child). "They're coming to get you, Barbara!"


  1. I wanna see you as a California Raisin. Awwwww.

  2. Mike, lol....I can't believe you went and stole my budget ninja in a diner picture. If you needed a Halloween themed picture of me, I could've given you Milli Vanilli son! Haha.

  3. Yup yup... you was in costume, so I figured it fit.... hhehehehehehe