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October 15, 2010

CCD Sits Down With Oscar Nominated Director Tomm Moore

A definite highlight of my weekend at the 2010 NYC Comic Con was meeting and interviewing director Tomm Moore. While you may not be familiar with his name (that is sure to change!), you have probably heard of his Oscar nominated animated film The Secret of the Kells. Now if you haven't heard of The Secret of the Kells... well, then you must have been living under a rock last year. It was the story of the Oscar season and some thought it might have given Pixar's Up a run at best animated feature. I had heard great stuff about this imported feature, so I took my ass down to the Village and caught a screening of it at one of the independent theaters... and my mind was blown. I even wrote a suggestion to go see the film way back in March. Kells is one of the greatest cartoon/animated features I had ever seen, bar none. Imagine my surprise when I received an email asking if I would like to interview the man behind the camera and story... I made it the cornerstone of my weekend!

I caught up with Tomm at the New Video booth, and we sat down to tape an interview. He was a very cool guy and we jumped right in. Tomm was cool enough to show us some pages from the online graphic novel on his Ipad, talk about what its like to have this much success his first time out the box, and lots of more interesting topics. Check it out here:

What a great interview. I can not wait for Tomm's next project, because if Kells is any indication of what he can do than this is just the beginning of a wonderful career for him. You can catch the Secret of the Kells on Netflix Instant Streaming or you can buy it on Blu-Ray/DVD by going to the New Video online store or wherever else movies are sold. You can also get the digital comic there as well. Make sure you also check out Tomm's blog, The Blog of The Kells and also check out the Cartoon Saloon page as well. Thanks for the interview Tomm... and if you haven't seen the movie yet, what are you waiting for? It gets the CCD stamp of approval... now watch it!!!


  1. I agree this movie was a great surprise & like you would love to see more from him.

  2. Cool. I gotta see this movie. The designs are amazing!

  3. What a great fuckin' guy. I'll be pullin' for his next film to be an even greater success. What he has in the works sounds right up my alley and if it's anything like '...Kells' I'll wanna see this next one in theaters instead of waiting for it on dvd.

    To anyone that still hasn't seen this animated flick you are really doing yourself a disservice. The art itself is unparalleled in my opinion.

    Mike, one of these days I'll have to pick your brain to see if you can tell me anything about how guys like this make money off of Netflix Streaming. Is Netflix paying these studios for rights to do that?

  4. For the exclusives, probably... but the exposure they get, especially from the Netflix Instant Streaming... its priceless. It's not a coincidence that Scott Sanders (Black Dynamite) & Tomm Moore (Secret of the Kells) both said that the Netflix Instant release of their films helped the films popularity immensely... just check the interviews, they said it, not me!!!