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October 15, 2010

Matthew Petz Takes The Alien Invasion To the Woods

One of the cooler artists and projects we came across while at the 2010 NYC Comic Con had to be Matthew Petz & his War of the Woods webcomic. It tells the story of father and son otters Nathaniel and Phinneas Waterbrooks, two wild animals that have to deal with an alien invasion while they try to defend their home on the New Jersey Pine Barrens. They are joined by Isaac Brownshell, a turtle and sidekick to Phinneas. Check out Tommy L talking to Matthew at the recent show:

I just read the webcomic and it is great. You can do the same by clicking here. You can also download the comic for your Iphone or Ipad at the Apple App Store. Also, check out the War of the Woods Facebook page. Matthew also did a really cool sketch of Phinneas and Isaac for me in my sketchbook. Check it out here.  Thanks for the love Matt, and make sure you guys check out War of the Woods!!!

Matthew Petz Sketches Phinneas & Isaac in my sketchbook

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  1. Great idea, great artist. Definitely worth checking out, folks!