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October 15, 2010

Mind's Eye Is A Web Series You Need To Be Watching

When we first walked over to the Mind's Eye booth, I thought it had to be the booth of an independant film feature because of the quality of the special effects. You usually don't see such well executed effects in a web series... but to my suprise, Danika and Tom informed us that it was in fact a web series. My mind was blown... very cool stuff. We took a second to chat with the duo about this sci-fi/fantasy tale about a young boy who may very well be a powerful being when he grows up, so he is protected by a crew of warriors disguised as his classmates to keep him safe. Check out the interview here:


The web series will be launching on November 26th, and the trailer will be released on Halloween. These guys are doing everything right and making a small scale production look a lot better than most big budget movies. You can check the Mind's Eye website for more info by clicking here. We will be sure to be bringing you more coverage about this wonderful series, and I urge you to look into it yourself. Check it out guys... its really great!!!

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  1. The effects were what made em go over to these guys. It really looks amazing. And the concept is a cool one, too! Hopefully this wacky band of Canucks makes it big!