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October 15, 2010

Meet Andi & Her Worry Woo Monsters...

As we walked the floor of the 2010 NYC Comic Con, we were looking for some really cool stuff to bring you guys here on CCD. Now sure, there was plenty going on at the Marvel, DC, and other large companies booths, but we wanted to get the stuff you never heard of out to you guys. As I walked past the Worry Woo booth, I knew I had to stop. At first glance, the monsters of the Worry Woo universe were enough to get me interested. These characters unique design and bright colors instantly drew my attention. But then once I met creator and artist Andi, I was completely sold on the line. Each monster represents a different emotion & has a beautiful book to tell the story of that emotion. Check out our interview with Andi in which she chats with CCD about how she came up with the Worry Woo's, what their purpose is, what comics she loves (a very suprising and impressive list!!!) and why she thinks no one can fill Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman suit. Check it out:

Very cool... Sandman and Bone as some of her favorite comics??? Thats amazing. Andi was super sweet and nice enough to give us some books to share with our families. When I asked her to sign mine, sh kind have looked at me and laughed. I guess she was shocked at my request, but this is Comic Con and if I can get the signature of the creator... well, I'm getting it!!! You can see more of Nola, Rue, Fuddle, Squeek, Wince, and Twitch (the monsters) by checking out the Worry Woo website here. Not only do they sell all the books and plush toys on the site, but they also link you to all the news stories that have been written about the Worry Woo line. We wish Andi and the rest of the Worry Woo family all the best... make sure you check back, cause more monsters will be coming in the future.

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