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September 22, 2010

Wu - Tang Wednesday: U- God - Enter U-God & Bizarre

So, this week we check in with Golden Arms himself, the odd ball member of the Wu, U- God. Is he a DJ? Why are his parts so short? Does he have some nudie pics of Rza, and thats why he got a little bit of lyrical time with the rest of the rap giants that are the WU? Who knows... first we get Enter U-God, which is just hysterical... and the you get Bizarre, which was a truly great song.... Golden Arms forever!!!

Enter U-God



  1. Don't sell U-God short... his verse on "Itz Yourz" is sick and he opens up "Da Mystery of Chess Boxing", one of the greatest Wu tracks of all time. Gravelly voiced motherfucker that he is.

  2. Joe, he reminds of the light skin dude from Fear of a Black Hat.... Im not selling him short at all.... shit, I featured him, right!!!! He is uber important to the Wu dynamic, but he does ALWAYS get the least fucking credit and 0 love.... its a shame. Plus, u gotta admit his take on I Will Survive (Enter U God, above) is hilarious, no?

  3. u god its the fucking shit man! i seriously want to take him out with me.