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September 22, 2010

For The Young Horror Fan In Your Life

R.L. Stine created the Goosebump childrens horror series back in 1992, and all he has done is publish 150 titles and sell over 300 million books. 300 MILLION BOOKS. That puts it right behind Harry "F'n" Potter on the all time sales figure list. The books have spawned video games, a TV series, toys and board games, and finally... a real deal studio movie!!! Columbia Pictures has picked up the rights a few years back, and now they got the screenwriter from Disturbia, Red Eye, and The Last House on The Left remake Carl Elsworth to get cracking on a script. Those are some really hardcore titles for a kid-type movie, but I like it... I hope they make this a dark pg-13 type flick that will give teens something else to watch besides Kristen Stewart looking mad all the time and Robert Pattinson's hair growing any further out from his head. I'm not a Twilight hater, but it would be nice to see some spooky stuff for the kids. My 7 year old son Mikey likes horror type stuff, but he is just a bit to young for The Human Centipede, ya know what I'm saying? This could be a great series if they get it right... lets hope they do!!! 

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