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August 13, 2010

Netflix Instant Streaming Picks: 8/13/2010

Hey folks, I'm backkkkkkkkkkk!!! Believe it or not, my Wii has not burnt out yet from Instant Streaming Netflix... I know, I know, I am shocked as well. But I am truly enjoying my time off this summer by immersing myself in the massive selections offered from Netflix. Here are a few I think you should take the time to check out:

Rampage - 2009

Ok, so you must discount a few things before you watch this one. First of all, this is a Uwe Boll is the director. I know that might automatically turn you off (if you have ever had to sit through the drudge that is a Uwe Boll movie you would understand) but this time it is different. Uwe embraces his love of video games and creates a scray look into what can happen when a regular person loses his shit and can not take it anymore. A few orders from HSN and sometime building a bulletproof suit, and they are fully ready to unleash hell on the unsuspecting townsfolk in middle America. Brendan Fletcher has been in a ton of Uwe Boll shitfests, so his patience finally pays off with this great portrayal of a 20 something kid who just loses sight of reality. Tons of violence, and the senseless kind... which is the best, isn't it? Thanks to our girl KMG for the recommendation.
Gangster #1 - 2000

I have a confession to make. My name is Mr. Mike D, and I absolutely love English Cinema. Love it... can't get enough of it. Those blokes across the pond just have a way with movies, especially crime capers. The Krays, Rock n Rolla, Layer Cake, Snatch, Lock Stock, The Football Factory.... these guys really get the crime movies down pat. Paul McGuigan outdoes himself with Gangster #1... hands down. I liked his other films (Lucky Number Slevin, Push) but this 2000 movie ranks up in my top 20 all time. There are millions of reasons why, but the 3 that stand out the most are: 1) Malcolm McDowell and Paul Betanny 2) The story spans 30 years, and you feel like you know these characters by the end of the movie, and 3) these English motherfuckers are ruthless... a hatchette, really??? Anyway, you need to make this happen, as well as all of those movies I mentioned above, because if you like gangster movies than English Cinema is a refreshing break from the Italian gangster and latino drug dealer movies we get over here.
Time After Time - 1979

For my last pick of the week, I thought I would take it back a tad. This 1979 thriller features the comprobable Malcolm McDowell (I know, two movies with the same guy... so what, he is a genius!) as author H.G Wells. Wells is considered by most to be the father of science fiction, and in this movie he actually creates a time machine like the one from his classic novel (and the Guy Pierce movie). After showing his house guests his new invention and being dismissed by them as crazy, the cops show up at his door. They have figurd out the mystery of Jack the Ripper, and the killer is one of his guests. As they look around, they realize one of the guests is missing. As the people chalk it up to a mere escape, Wells knows better. He goes to the basement, and the time machine is gone. But it suddenly reappears, without Jack the Ripper, because if you time travel without the key it automatically returns home. Wells gets in and follows the coordinates that Jack used, taking him to 1979 San Fransisco. Trying to hun the killer in a strange time and place makes the job even tougher, and since late 70's America is so violent ole Jack fits right in. Can Wells find Jack and bring him back to 1893 England for justice??? Watch the movie and find out.

Thats all folks. Happy viewing!!!! What are you guys watching... tell us in the comment section below!!! 

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  1. 'Time After Time' was one of the first movies I saw that made me a fan of time travel movies. I knew about how they never identified Jack the Ripper so imagining him travelling through time to the future made perfect sense to me. It was only several years later that I realized that time travel was not possible and it bummed me out more than finding out there was no Santa Clause.