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August 13, 2010

Three Videos From Around The Web That Will Make You Smile

First up, to follow up on Jeff's Inception Mashup post from yesterday, we get the Dora the Explorer/ Inception mashup. Since the child is about 4 in the video and the show is on Nickelodeon maybe you thickheads who didn't understand the movie will finally get it. Probably not....

Next up, we got the Star Wars movie that I have always wanted to see, the blaxploitation version starring Lando Clarissean, or Billy Dee Williams... and this shit is bad ass!!! Thanks to Joe Esq for the tip.

Last, we have a look into parenting on the Predator planet. It's not so easy to deal with teenagers up there, is it? Thanks to Jeff for this one as well, another College Humor insta-classic.

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