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July 22, 2010

3 Questions About The Newly Released Captain America & Thor Posters

So I saw these two pieces of Concept Art/ Promo Posters that have been released for San Diego Comic Con 2010 on about a billion websites yesterday (Yeah Cal, I jacked your pic... what you wanna do about it??? LOL) So instead of just re-posting the posters and saying "oh, look how cool these are" after all the other sites that I love have already done it, I decided on a different approach. I analyzed the two posters, and I have a few questions. Here they are. Feel free to add your own questions in the comment section below... or better yet, try to answer my 3. Thanks, hope you enjoy...

  1. So it would appear that Marvel is going to go with a traditional round shield for Cap (as opposed to the Ultimate version), but is that a handgun in Cap's hand? I know they plan on showing him in World War II, but a gun drawn in the first poster seems a bit much, no? I was trying to think back to when I was a kid and read The Avengers religously, and I can never recall Cap with a gun.

  2. Did Loki always have a spear as his main weapon? Is this Loki's weapon like Thor has his hammer? Again, I am a bit removed from actaul comic reading, but I can not recall Loki having a giant kick ass spear.

  3. I feel like the backgrounds play a huge part in both posters. In Cap's, it seems they are in war-torn Europe. In Thor's, it seems like they are in that in-between realm that exists between Asgard and Earth. Do you think these climatic scenes will actually be on the big screen in the movies, or just being used in the concept art?
So thats my questions... whose gonna help me with some answers????

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