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July 22, 2010

6 Photos That Make Us Want To See An Arthur Re-Make With Russell Brand

Arthur was the great 1981 comedy starring Dudley Moore as a prepetually drunk heir to a 750 million dollar fortune... he is like a 12 year old with a whiskey glass, always drunk and acting a fool. He is supposed to be in an arranged marriage, but instead meets Liza Minelli's outer borough waitress and falls in love. His valet is his only friend, and once his family catches wind of his idea to be with a working class waitress, they threaten to take away his inheriatance.

I heard a few months ago that Russell Brand was set to star in a remake, and I must admit that I was torn on this. Brand is riding high off the success of 'Forgetting Sara Marshall' and 'Get Him To The Greek', and he does seem like a good fit for the role. Brand is best when he can be crass, drunk and crazy on camera... basically playing himself. Just look at that dudes hair, and then ask yourself how many hours a day you think he is sober. One website that I saw (can't remember which one, sorry!) called Brand "The drunk/druggie version of Michael Cera" in the sense that like Cera it seems that he gets to play himself in films. But I digress.

The first pictures have been leaked from the set, and it involves Brand and Luis Guzman dressed as Batman and Robin. Guzman is wearing a very true to form replica of the Boy Wonder's costume, green underwear and all. This is awesome. If you are going to have a drunk multi millionaire who is like a grown version of a 12 year old, wouldn't he parade around Manhattan dressed as Batman with a utility belt that features shot glasses, whiskey flasks, party poppers, and an Ipod. I have two words... awesome. Enjoy the pics, and tell me how you feel about this remake in the comment section below.


  1. This film better be f*ckin' funny. What an unnecessary remake!

    I'm just sayin'

  2. While I agree that it makes no sense whatsoever to make the movie over, it seems like a good fit for Brand. It was Unreality Mag that made the comparison of Brand to Cera (sorry guys, i forgot when I was writing the original and while I might not like seeing those two guys seemingly playing themselves in over a long period of time, I do like that they are being chosen for roles that fit them. Not typecasting, per se, but roles like Scott Pilgrim need a guy like Cera to pull them off. Thats my opinion.

    P.S.- Luis Guzman + Robin Costume = Automatic Win and My

  3. If they're going to remake this movie then he seems like an excellent choice even though there is no need for a new version. I learned everything I ever needed to know about alcoholism from Arthur. For that, Dudley, I thank you. I bet this movie will have some douchy pop band remake Arthur's Theme. I know it's crazy...but it's true ;)