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June 17, 2010

That Was Quick...

Two days ago I told you guys that the powers that be over at DC Comics are trying to get a Blue Beetle live action TV show up and running to take the place of the decade old Smallville that will be ending after next season. Geoff Johns told us of a test shoot they did of the Jaime Reyes's transformation into the Blue Beetle... and he said that he would try to release the footage at the San Diego Comic Con that was coming up next month. I was excited... and apparently so was Johns. He released the video in screenshot format over at the DC Comics blog on Wednesday. Wow, talk about blowing your load right away. I was hoping that some of this footage would leak before SDCC, but one day later by the company itself ??? To me, this says that they are kind of excited about how it turned out. We see Reyes merge with the Beetle, begin to transform, take full on costume form, and then fly away. The pics are a bit blurry, but thats because this is a test screening and these are screenshots, so its no the best quality. But I liked looking at 'em, so I think you will too. Tell me what you think n the comment section.


  1. Pretty cool. I kinda dig the costume. Let's hope there's some good writing on the show. 'Smallville' lost me after season 2

  2. On of the things that annoyed me about Smallville is that it really spaced out the moments when Clarke did anything 'super heroic' in favour of all the ennui. When they did ramp up the action (like the Teen Titans episode or the JSA one - Dr Fate was amazing) it was so cool to see but only made me hate the lack of action even more.

    This looks like it will have lots of in costume action that a show like this needs to keep my interest. Enough with the 90210 vibe.

    Remember that old Flash show. It has some pretty cool action moments too and I miss having something like that around. Even Heroes didn't go heroic often enough for me.

  3. That old Flash show was bad ass... the costume was perfect!!!! I hope they high concept this show, and make it for the geeks. Fuck a huge rating, just make a good quality show and you will make tons of money on dvd and sindication rights from guys like us in our 30's who love shit from their childhood...

  4. 'Flash' ...
    That is exactly what I was thinking when I saw these pics. Let's hope it's like that I dug that show.