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March 8, 2010

C-C-D Jacks The Oscars... Now Here Are Our Results!!!

It was a big night for Kathryn Bigelow and her movie The Hurt Locker. Last night the film took home 6 Oscars, most notably Best Picture and Best Director. This was the first time a woman won the Best Director award, and I'm pretty sure the first time someone beat out their former spouse for the gold statuette. Sorry James Cameron, guess you will have to dry your eyes on some of the 2 billion plus dollars that Avatar has mae so far... boo hoo. Now lets get to the results of our MikeyJack awards, our staffs picks for the Oscars this year.

Kate Jones - Reality Check writer

Kate started out strong, successfully picking Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actor. The she faulted when it came to Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Director. But in a twist, she did name the correct winner in those 3 categories when she gave her opinion on who would win the award. So Kate's final numbers are:

3/6 with 3 secondary correct picks

James West - The Comics Pull List writer

James is our resedential young buck here at C-C-D, and judging from his results... he should pay better attention to the guys and gals with some more experience... just kidding. The kid knows comics, but he knows movies as well, he just had a bad showing last night. Mr. West scored victories in the Best Actor and Best Director category, but failed in the other 4 categories. Only once did he correctly pick a secondary winner. So James's final numbers are:

2/6 with 1 secondary pick

Jeff "Dr. Dharma" Bond - Lost Re-capper Extrordinaire

Jeff is the guy who keeps all of us in the loop when it comes to that crazy show on TV known as Lost. He is the one who brings up the good points and keeps us guessing a what the fuck is really going on back at the island. Jeff is also quite the movie buff, and made the Oscar show even more fun with our ongoing Facebook banter about the stars. Unfortunately, that did not turn in such good results for him last night. I'm kinda scared to pop shit cause he might send Smokey over to my house to start wrecking shit... but I digress. Jeff successfully picked the Best Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress winners, but failed on the other four categories. He did manage two secondary picks in the Best Actor and Actress categories. Jeff's final numbers are:

2/6 with 2 secondary picks

Mr. Mike D - Editor and Writer

I consider myself to be a huge movie fan, and the Oscars are my favorite award show to watch all year. I really liked this years nominees, and I thought I made some good picks. The categories were tough, but overall I think I did ok. I picked the winners in Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Actress. But even though I missed out on three, I picked up all three secondary picks. So, I really should have went with my gut a bit more. So here goes my final tally:

3/6 with 3 secondary picks

So this years winners of the C-C-D Jacks The Oscars MikeyJack Awards are:

Mr. Mike D. and Kate Jones!!!!!!!

I also wanna give a shout out to one of our followers, Jess, for her picks. She went 2/6 with 3 secondary picks. Thanks for participating. Hope you guys enjoyed the competition... see you next year!!!

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