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March 9, 2010

My Favorite Celeb Tweets During The Oscars

I am really getting into the whole Twitter experience. At first, I was not a huge fan of the 140 character micro-bloging site, but slowly I have been conevrted over to the darkside. Now I am constantly checking my twitter feed and thinking of creative ways to get my point across in 140 characters... which is fun and fustrating at the same time. The highlight of my Twitter career was when Kevin Smith tweeted me a response to a comment I made to him. Since most of the celebs tweet from their phones, I feel like you are right there with the people who tweet it as something happens. You can follow C-C-D on Twitter by clicking the Twitter Icon on the right, or look for us @YouDownWitC_C_D

Last nights Oscars lead to some great celeb tweets that I wanted to share with you guys who might not have Twitter. Hope you enjoy them and it makes you wanna sign up. Don't fight the future...technolgy makes the world go 'round!!!

Russell Brand - English Comic, Forgetting Sara Marshall
@rustyrockets I am disgusted that after his years as a gigilo, Deuce Bigelow has been given an Oscar as best woman director. Typical Hollywood hypocrisy.

Neil Gaiman - Comic Writer and Creator of Coraline
@neilhimself If you have a copy of the LA Times for today, I am on the back page of the Oscar special, staring at Rachel McAdams' oh-so-steppable dress.

@neilhimself Honestly. No commiserations. We all knew Up would win. Just glad we were nominated.

Simon Pegg - Actor, Shaun of the Dead
@simonpegg Very pleased to see Mr. Bridges get the nod. Couldn't happened to a nicer dude.

Roger Ebert - Movie Critic
@ebertchicago My review of Gabby's dress: It made her look sweet and cheerful, unlike a single other dress all evening.

@ebertchicago No Farrah in the memorial. They have a whole lot of 'splaining to do.

@ebertchicago John Hughes was never Oscar-nominated. Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you got till it's gone? #Oscar

Damon Lindenoff - Lost Creator
@DamonLindelof  Macaroni & Cheese with cut up hot dogs for dinner? Good. Oscars? Slightly better. Iron Man 2 trailer? AWESOMENESS.

@DamonLindelof Ok cablevision, you win. Give the customers channel 7 back and we will tell you what the island really is. Thanks!

Edgar Wright - Director
@edgarwright You can't argue with a clip of Evil Dead 2 on the Oscars. Now if there had been 10 Best Picture nominees in 1987...

Joel McHale - Actor, Host of Talk Soup
@joelmchale RT @ConanOBrien: Hey gang! Look for me at the Oscars tonight. I'll be in the parking lot, wearing my prom tux and listening on the radio.

That was just a few of my faves from last night. Make sure you follow us on Twitter and become a follower here at Congrats to all the Winners!!!!

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