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February 8, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV: What Was Your Favorite Advertisements?

So Super Bowl XLIV is over now, and what a game it was. The Saints came through and pulled out the upset, defeating the Colts 31-17. While the game is a huge event, and fans all over wait for this game with baited breath, there is another reason people watch the big game... The Commercials!!!
Everyone gets a kick out of the commercials, and to be perfectly honest with you it's the commercials that more people are talking about the next day. The networks charge top dollar for the spots that air during the game, and companies want to make sure that you remember the spots that you watched for years to come. Here are my favorite and least favorite Ad's of the game this year.


Sneak Attack Ninja by Doritos

Betty White by Snickers

Least Favorite:

Men Without Pants by Dockers

Taco Bell: It Rocks, It Rocks by Taco Bell

So there you go, just my opinion of the best and worst of Super Bowl XLIV. Hulu has set up this channel on it's page called Adzone, a site where you can see all of yesterdays Ad's in one spot.

Enjoy, and let me know the ones you liked the best or hated the least. Congrats New Orleans, you deserve it!!!

1 comment:

  1. Them Doritios ads were a hit man. I haven't had a Dorito in years...I just might, now!