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February 8, 2010

Lost Recap Season 6 Episode 1 'LAX' Part 1 & 2 by Jeff Bond

So here we are, kids. The beginning of THE end, part 1!!!Feels like the first days of senior year at High School. We made a lot of friends the past several years but it's time to get out there into the real world and leave them all behind.

Let skip the pleasantries and get right to it because I'm eager to get my thoughts down and hear what you guys have had gestating in your skulls for the past 36 or so hours.

The episode starts on what appears to be flight 815 out of Sydney bound for L.A.. The fateful trip we've all seen reprocessed before our eyes dozens of times from dozens of angles. Though this TIME things are considerably different. How different? Well, if we trust all conversation at face value:

  • Boone hasn't wisped his stepsister Shannon away from her troubled relationship and is heading back to the real world alone.
  • Locke was able to go on that walkabout after all.
  • Hurly is super rich still and OWNS Mr. Clucks...but because he's the 'luckiest guy' on the planet.
  • Sun hasn't learned Engrish.
  • Desmond made the flight back with the main cast under mysterious pretenses seeing as though he never made it to Sydney in the previous story lines.
  • The biggest clincher of all is that the island we've grown to love has been sunk to the bottom of the ocean, or completely flooded over in some way (in a great piece of CGI that any child of the 80scould appreciate, and any jaded viewer that picked on the CGI submarine last season, will be sure to pick apart).
I would gather from these are the effects of 'The Incident'...the detonation of the bomb in 1977 at the islands electromagnetic core...... 'It Worked'!!!


... Or 'It didn't work'! ...Because next we see that our little crew of saboteurs have seemingly 'foomed' back to the present 2007 since there was no sign of them there when Ajira 316 passengers arrived last year. I say
foomed' or 'time jumped' because Juliet is alive down in her death pit but not where we left her...she's in the same spot she would have been had the hatch been built around that pit with her in it. Further more, Kate is up in a tree that probably didn't exist in 1977 but exists now in 2007 I guess maybe she was just laying on the floor last season and a tree grew up around her now that 30 years have passed.


Both instances reminded me of the time Locke went down the well, then a time rupture occurred and the well closed up around him leaving his friends tugging on a buried rope. Juliet dies again, and again, and again, and again tonight driving the idea home that Sawyer is capable of loving someone other than the sweet Miss Revenge he'd been harboring since his 1970s childhood.

... Back at the*t is...well....afoot! Locke 2 has claimed Jacob's dirty throne and has sent his pageboy Ben out to bring Richard before him. Ben can't handle that properly and winds up returning with Jacob's bodyguards who are quickly dispatched by Locke 2 who reveals himself to be...dum dum dum...The Smoke Monster! No need for such harsh name calling!

Look, man...just talkin' back smokey. Break out all the old episodes, kids because it's time to see how Locke 2 confirming he's been smokey all along solidifies how we feel about scenes in which he/it has encountered Mr. Ecko, Locke 1, Ben, and countless others!!!

So, basically 50% of you thought 'The Incident' with Jack at the helm would work out and it would land in LA. The other 50% of you thought 'The Incident' always happened and it wouldn't change a damn thing. But did any of you even suspect for a second that BOTH would happen and we'd see the ramifications of those 2 alternate realities mapped out in front of us with so little time left to answer all the questions we've had mystifying us fo 6 or 7 years now? Well lucky us!

Here are a few things I'm thinking so far:

A) Jacob is in some sort of state of dead/undead. Why I say dat? Because, from the looks of things, Hurly can see him but Miles can't hear him.

B) Sayid's at death's door, but Jacob's looking pretty longingly at his almost dead shell. Taken to the temple for revitalization in the pool of life that's supposed to be cleaner to do any healing, Sayid succumbs to his wounds...or does he? Sayid suddenly springs to life but one must wonder if it really is him! Sayid minus Sayid's 'spirit' plus Jacob's 'spirit' = Sayid 2! I gotta say, the 'temple' was a bit of a let down with all the other magnificent things going on in this episode. Being inside the wall that SURROUNDS the temple this season and last was more exciting to me at the time. I've been waiting years to get a gander at this temple and it's just, well, a run in the mill temple. Maybe there will be more secret nooks and goodies there in episodes to come. The guys running the place are definitely intriguing.

C) Things are gonna start hittin' the sh*tter for FLIGHT 815-X passengers very soon. Why come? Because they're all bound to each other by destiny and their lives are about to collide...island or no island!
  • Sawyer-X is still the same old con-man and the fact that Hurly-X (his buddy in universe 1 you'll recall) is loaded, really makes his ears perk up. It's got to be pretty easy to find and set up a con on a rube like Hugo-X these days.
  • Jack-X is a spinal surgeon, Locke-X is a hopeless guy with a broken spine. Put the chocolate in the peanut butter and these 2 are gonna be making beautiful peanut butter cups together and we'll get to see it all unfold.
  • Kate-X is on the run from the law....with Claire-X of all people in tow. Is Claire-X still pregnant with Aaron-X? Will Kate-X be a force into aiding in the child raising somehow? Will Claire-X even name him Aaron-X or something different that night prove kinda shocking. Weeeee'll Seeeee
  • Sawyer-X and Jack-X still have eyes for Kate even though she's Kate-X. Will their paths cross again? Will You be a Jater-X or a Skater-X if they do? Choose Now!!!!!!

  • Will we see more of Boone-X and Charlay-X now that their lives have crossed paths with the awe-inspiring Locke-X and Jack-X?
  • Do you like your Sun-X & Jin-X on the rocks? Frozen? Straight up? Wonder which pair this will be in universe X?
  • What of Rose-X's Cancer? IHas she been healed by the earthy Sydney witch doctor in this universe or no? Did she even have cancer at all in this new universe or were these to just in Sydney on their honeymoon or something? Those lovebirds!
  • Finally, Desmond-X doesn't belong on this plane at all, but he's here. This begs the question of whether he ever broke up with Penny in the first place? Did he ever enter the race to win Charles' approval or is he a better class of people in this universe who's had Whidmore's acceptance from day 1???
C) I'm interested in exactly where Jack-X may know Desmond-X from, especially if Desmond-X never trained in that stadium that fateful night. Is it possible Jack-X and Jack-X only has retained some knowledge of what has happened to Jack 1 on the island? What say you? That bloody neck of Jack-X's could be a good foreshadowing that he has taken away a little more from the "Incident" of 1977 than meets the eye. Gosh I hope so! Who wants to watch this group bankrupt assh*les fuck their lives all up AGAIN because they've retained NO knowledge of their on island counterparts? OOo OOo (raising hand..raising hand) Not me! Not me!

D) 'D' is for my man 'Mike D' (or Mike Devito-X) whose gonna be eating some of his harsh words after Hurly proves his usefulness finally this season now that he's the only one with a direct line to Jacob. Did you see that look Hurly gave Jack once he came to the conclusion that he was more powerful to save Sayid's life than the good doctor, Mike? He's got a newly formed leadership quality and he's packin' a pistol that looks like a toy squirt gun in his big ham-hands. He's large and in charge.....if only but for 1 episode.

E) Sawyer says 'I'm gonna kill him!' after focusing the blame for Juliet's death on Jack. Than later he recants at the Temple 'I ain't gonna kill him...' expressing that he believes Jack will have to deal with the responsibility for Juliet's death himself. Seems like he has become more James Ford than 'Sawyer' these days. The old Sawyer would have carried that grudge for a long...long time. (sniff sniff) Do I smell a hint of 'character redemption', finally?

F) Richard looks pretty good 'out of shackles' according to Locke 2/Smokey. Shackles? The Black Rock slave ship type? Any other ideas?

G) Hurly's been lugging around a guitarcase-full-o-Ankh. The Large Ankh has a note in it which may either have one of Jacob's lists of names with the 815ers on it or something completely different not hinted at. What do you kids think?

H) Who's in charge now that Locke 1 is dead and Richard is unconscious and being walked off with into the jungle by Locke 2? Ben again? Ilana? 'Jacob Whisperer' Hurly? Hmm I love it! Do you have guess?

I) I'm keeping the faith that the reason we don't have an official name for Locke 2 (aka Smoke Monster aka Nemesis aka Esau aka Smokey) that the actual name may play out as an bit of a shocker once revealed. Fingers crossed!

What an episode! A double episode!

Before I go I just wanna get back to a little game I call 'Over Analyze The Episode Title Until Your Sick of Me'

'L A X' any hidden meanings?

  • The obvious...LAX Airport.
  • This is a alternate storyline in Universe-X...soOOoo..we're in Los Angeles-X!
  • LAX. 'Lax' or 'lazy! Like the LAX security which couldn't catch Kate if their jobs depended on it.
  • Lax, like the dormant knowledge of how to change their lives that 815-X passengers might have thanks to the trials and tribulations Flight 815.0 passenegers!
  • Lax, like John Locke's crippled legs.
'Awwww c'mon Jeff'... I'm just talkin' about.....LOST!!!!!

P.S. - Please leave your comments below and become of follower of Cultural Compulsive Disorder... help my boy Mike D out and tune in here every Thursday for the weekly recap of Tuesdays Lost Episodes. Post those theories, agreements, disagreements or anything else you have to say below!!!! See Ya Thursday!!!!

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  1. Forgot to mention in last weeks post that it has now been confirmed by the show that the ash sprinkled in a circular formation is meant to keep the smoke monster OUT. Some had speculated that the ash around Jacob's cabin had aided in keeping the smoke monster IN the cabin at some point. But this weeks POP UP episode confirmed that the ash was sprinkled around Jacob's Cabin to keep smokey OUT. The disturbance in the ash created a problem for that cause.

    So ash on the floor = Smokey OUT

    Proof positive that we over think a lot while watching this show.