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February 6, 2010

SNL Throwback Of The Day Vol. #2 2/6/2010

I am a huge Saturday Night Live fan. One of my earliest memories was of my parents watching SNL every Saturday while we were tucked in our bedrooms, and sometimes being allowed to watch for a bit. The show has gone through its ups and downs over its 35 year run, but the fact that it is still on the air after 35 years is a testament to the staying power of the show. Lorne Michaels is a genius at finding and developing young, comedic talent. SNL has produced a bevy of stars over the years, from Eddie Murphy to Tina Fey. The show is doing well again thanks to Ms. Fey and the rest of the team, but I love watching clips from the old shows. Every Saturday I will give you guys one of my favorites. This weeks clip is from season 16, entitled " The Sinatra Group". It features the late, great Phil Hartman playing Frank Sinatra, hostiing a roundtable discussion with other performing artists about the music business. The skit also features Chris Rock and Mike Myers, and Hartman's nicknames for Sinead O'cconor steal the show. Hope you enjoy the pick of the week, see ya next Saturday. Live from my living room, it's Saturday Night!!!!!

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