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February 17, 2010

Before News Team 4, Ron Burgundy Auditions For Sportscenter

Anchorman is one of my favorite Will Ferrell movies, and the reason why this one stands out amongst his other classics is because of his portrayal of stereotypical 70's newscaster Ron Burgundy. Burgundy always talks like he is on camera, even when he is far from the studios set. His deadpan delivery and funny anecdotes are some of the best lines of the movie. I was watching SportsNation on ESPN the other day, and they aired this clip of Ron Burgundy auditioning for an anchor position at the newly formed ESPN back in August of 1979. He starts of on track, but things slowly spiral out of control... This is for all the Will Ferrell fans who don't watch ESPN and therefore would never be exposed to this gem of a commercial. Enjoy!!!

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