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August 16, 2017

The Jacked Kirby Podcast - Episode #7 - Tales of Asgard

On this episode of the Jacked Kirby Podcast hosts Tommy Lombardozzi and Mike D are joined by artist Al Accettura for one reason... Let's Talk Some Asgard! Thor: Ragnarok is on the horizon, so we figured this would be a perfect time to discuss Jack's back up feature Tales of Asgard that appeared in issues of Journey Into Mystery that featured Thor. It was in these short 8 page back up stories that Kirby wrote & drew where he really developed the world of Asgard that we all know and love. The most important of those back up stories were collected into Tales of Asgard #1, an oversized comic featuring 9 stories that was published in October of 1968. The boys talk through those blockbuster stories that laid the world building of the Thor mythos for decades to come!!!!

Show Notes:

Guests: Tommy Lombardozzi, Mike D & Al Accettura

Outro Music:

Episode Breakdown:

(Start - 4:00) - Guest Intro

(4:00 - 10:30) - How did the Tales of Asgard come about? What made them different from the regular Journey Into Mystery stories?

(10:31 - 14:50) - Story #1 - Young Odin and the creation of the Earth

(14:51 - 17:20) - Story #2 - Odin vs The Frost Giants and The Mighty YMIR!!!

(17:21 - 21:00) - Story #3 - Odin vs Surtur and the creation of HELL!!!!

(21:01 - 28:30 ) - Story #4 - Young Thor vs The Storm Giants... and the introduction to Young Loki the Douche! And will Thor EVER be worthy to wield Mjolnir???

(28:31 - 33:20) - Story #5 - Heimdall, Young Thor and the Evil Ones... oh my!

(33:25 - 39:00) - Story #6 - Tales of Asgard... the most popular Feature in Comic-DOM! Thor confronts Hela, goddess of Death, to retrieve the maiden Sif!

(39:01 - 44:20) - Story #7 -Thor buys a boat from the Dwarfs... and is that a mini Scourge the Executioner?
(44:21 - 50:01) - Story #8 - Heimdall PT 1.... What exactly are this guys powers??? How did Heimdall become the guardian of the Bi-Frost Bridge? 

(50:02 - 55:00) - Story #9 - The time that Heimdall failed... remember that time Heimdall blew it? What the fuck is an air sprite? 

(55:01 - 57:51) - Story #10 - the story of how Balder became Balder the Brave!!!! Will Balder sacrifice himself to prove himself to Odin?

(57:52 - End) - Recapping Tales of Asgard #1 as a book and how we think it will translate to Thor: Ragnarok in November! .  

Kirby Konnections

The full art for the wrap around cover

Cover Art from Tales of Asgard #1 (1968)

Classic Mythology... Kirby style

First appearance of Surtur (bottom Left Corner)

Pagan Motorcycle Club lifts Kirby's Surtur for it's logo patch!!!

1st Ymir

Great Splash of YMIR

Odin splits the mountain to imprison the Frost Giants

2nd Surtur... much different look than his first appearance!

Surtur Imprisoned!

Inventing the Bi-Frost & Hell!

Storm Giants vs Young Thor

Thor vs Storm Giants (Three Stooges Edition)

Thor lifts Mjolnir for the first time!

Heimdall, Guardian of the Bi-Frost

Thor vs The Evil Ones

That Dragon looks alot like Fin Fang Foom, and Thor looks alot like the original Groot!

Warriors of Asgard!

The first time Thor wields Mjolinir as a weapon! 

Hela... have mercy!

That Dwarf in the green is a little Executioner!

The Boar God!

The bark of the Tree of Life

Mirmir Creates Man & Woman

The trails of Heimdall

The gaze of Heimdall

Standing across the Bi-Frost

That sorceress looks alot like Baron Zemo

What's an Air Sprite

Heimdall watching the Bi-Frost

Balder avoids an arrow

Balder dodges a spear

Balder... the bravest in the land!

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