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August 8, 2017

The Jacked Kirby Podcast: Episode #6.5 - A Fireside Chat - Mister Miracle #1

Back in 1933 US President Franklin D Roosevelt began to hold "Fireside Chats" with the American Public via the Radio. The purpose of these "conversations" was to establish a connection between the President and the regular people during a trying time when they needed information. As a history buff I thought this was a perfect moniker for a feature that we will be doing from time to time here on the Jacked Kirby Podcast. These short episodes, or .5 episodes, will consist of one hosts talking about a specific issue or arc of Kirby's work... kind of how Roosevelt used his "Fireside Chats" to introduce new information to the citizens of the US. In the first installment of the feature Mike D will be discussing one of his favorite Kirby 4th World stories: Mister Miracle #1

Guests: Mike D

Outro Music:

All I Need Is A Miracle - Mike & The Mechanics (1985)

Kirby Konnections:

Mister Miracle #1 Cover

Oberon lights the box that Mister Miracle (Thaddeus Brown) is locked up in on FIRE! 

Members of Intergang show up... typical Kirby gangsters!!!

Feel the wrath of Steel Hand!

That is one hell of trap!

Scott Free's first use of his New Gods powers on the page of a comic!

And that is definitely a Mother Box!

And the cover is interpreted as an interior panel 

Steel Hand is foiled by the gadgetry and grace of Mister Miracle

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