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July 26, 2017

The Jacked Kirby Podcast: Episode #6 - The King Goes To The Movies

This week on the Jack Kirby podcast your hosts Tommy Lombardozzi and Mike D take a peak into the King's influence over the movies (and maybe TV too...) in the upcoming months. It has been almost a decade since Robert Downey Jr rocked our world as Iron Man and we have seen the level of style/design that could be aligned with Jack skyrocket over that time. Sometimes the movies may not be that good (I'm looking at you FF reboot...) but when you shift more towards the King's style and flow for the films/tv adaptions we believe you are seeing some better results. Enjoy this wonderful episode and all the Kirby Konnections that go along with it after the jump!

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Guests: Mike D & Tommy Lombardozzi

Show Notes:

(0- 3:30) - Intro... Let's Go To The Movies!!!!

(3:31- 7:00) - Tim Story's FF Movies. People don't seem to like these movies but they get a lot of elements from Jack, especially the FF & The Silver Surfer.

(7:01 - 9:39) - Iron Man 1.... RDJ Baby!!!!

(9:40 - 11:15 ) - The Hulk... Ang Lee & Ed Norton fuck up The Big Green Machine... or do they?

(11:15 - 17:09) - Enter Cap... and especially NICK FURY, AGENT OF SHIELD!!!! We also discuss Red Skull & Armin Zola!

(17:10 - 20:45) - Jack is very present in Thor and all his elements of Asgard are on full blast!!!!

(20:46 - 24:50) - The Avengers... but first Agent Caulson, Shield and HAWKEYE! 

(24:51 - 27:35) - Marvel in the 70s was very trippy. Especially Jack's work on The Eternals, which really expanded his early cosmic stories from the 60s (especially FF and Thor). Also welcome back Bucky!!!!! 

(27:36 - 36:15) - GUARDIANS of the GALAXY up in this bitch! Guardians is FULL of Jack stuff. Most people don't realize how much of him is present there. Plus who came first, Groot or the Egg?  

(36:16 - 41:45) - - Thor 2... more Walt Simonson than Kirby, but Simonson always talks about how much Jack influenced him. And then we get The Avengers 2!

(41:46 - 49:02) - Ant Man (Giant Man) and The Wasp! Civil War!!! Bring on the Black Panther... Inhumans on SHIELD vs Kirby's Inhumans.... and the Inhuman TV SHOW!!

(49:05 -53:00) -  Guardians 2 gives us Him & Her! Who should play Adam Warlock in the future movies?

(53:01 -1:02:05) - Is Kirby's 100th Birthday prompting the Marvel Cinematic Universe to explore Jack's design elements and costuming?  We talk Thor Ragnarok & Black Panther!

(1:02:06 - 1:10:00) - Infinity Wars Pt 1 trailer leaks.... and KIRBY is there! And we also bring up some points about Spider-man: Homecoming and will the FF join the MCU? Also we talk a bit about the Skrulls invading in Captain Marvel!

(1:10:01 - ) - Outro

Outro Song of the Week: Groovy Movies by The Kinks (1969)

Kirby Konnections

Tales Of suspense #39
Iron Man - First suit in the movie

Galactus from the FF movie

Tony Stark in the comics

Tony stark in the movies... looks familiar?

Hail Hydra

Kirby's Red Skull from the 1970's

Hugo Weaving as Red Skull

Armin Zola in the movies & comics! 

Armin Zola on the screen!

Asgard in the movies... all Kirby

Kirby's Destroyer armor....

Destroyer Armor vs Thor in the Movie

Movie Loki....

Comic loki... helmets galore!!!

Celestial in Guardians of the Galaxy

Exactly like Kirby's Celestial in the Eternals!

Celestial head from Guardians 

Ronin the Accuser movie version

Ronin by Kirby

Groot from Tales to Astonish #13 (1960)

First Vision Appearance

The Vision by Kirby/Simon - Marvel Mystery #issue 13 (1940)

Ulysses Klaw - Movie vs Comic!

Will Klaw eventually look like this in the movies?

Kirby Wasp & Giant Man transforming!

Concept Art from Civil War of Giant Man transforming!

Wakanda in Comics 

Panther Statue in Wakanda from Civil War
Him Cocoon from Comics!

Him Cocoon from Guardians 2

Adam Warlock Comics...

Kirby tech from FF in Thor Ragnarok background wall

Thor Ragnarok - Grandmasters Box with Kirby Goodness 

Celestials in Thor: Ragnarok

Hela first appearance

Wow.... Hela from the movies is IDENTICAL! 

Kirby Surtur

Surtur in Ragnarok trailer

Will we see THIS Wakanda in Black Panther?

Original Kirby Skrulls....

Upcoming Skrulls from Captain Marvel concept art