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July 18, 2017

The Jacked Kirby Podcast: Episode #5 - The Jacked Kirby Art Show LIVE!!!

This week we are coming to you LIVE from the Jacked Kirby art show at St Francis College... well, sort of! Ya see, technically this episode of the of the Jacked Kirby Podcast was recorded at the amazing Jacked Kirby art show thrown by CCD.NYC and Artist Plexus... 40+ pieces of ORIGINAL ART inspired by The King himself! It was a crazy event, and in the middle of it we just happened to record a live episode of the podcast with some very special guests! Nelson DeCastro (Comic Artist Extraordinaire), Vincent Ferrante (writer of Witch Hunter & publisher of Monarch Comics) and Randolph Hoppe (Co-Founder of The Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center) join your lovable hosts Tommy Lombardozzi & Mike D for this very memorable episode... check it out after the jump!!!

Guests: Mike D, Tommy Lombardozzi, Nelson DeCastro, Vinny Ferrante and Randolph Hoppe

Check out MONARCH COMICS,  MEGADROID & Jack Kirby Museum websites:

Show Notes (Episode Recap):

(0:00 - 5:00) - Show intro from Mike D & Tommy Lombadozzi intro by Rob Martin of CCD.NYC

(5:01 - 9:40) - What we are hoping to accomplish with Jacked Kirby!

(9:41 - 11:39) - How is Jack represented in the word right now? D23 legend nomination, toys and re-issued books, etc.  

(11:40 - 13:00) - Intro of guests Vin Ferrante & Nelson DeCastro. 

(13:20 - 16:40) - Nelson tells the story of his famous Ghost Rider #18 cover.

(16:41 - 18:45) - Vin Ferrante talks about Monarch Comics, how Kamandi #4 influenced him and how Jack influences him as a creator of comics.

(18:46 - 21:40) -  What the hell is Kirby Krackle?

(21:41 - 3200) - We play "What's Your Kirby Moment?" with Vin & Nelson!!!

( 32:01 - 35:55) - Splash Pages... and why did Jack love them so much? We talk about his impact with the use of splash pages, and the Dream Machine painting.

(35:56 - 46:50) - How does Jack influence your work today? Vin talks about using photo collage in his Witch Hunter comic like Jack did... and Nelson talks about bringing some of his musical creations through life through comics! We also talk about cross marketing your creations in multiple mediums.

(46:51 - 51:28) - Why don't people write letters anymore? We talk about the lost art of letter pages and the classic crazy letters that live in the Marvel offices.

(51:29 - 1:05:30) - Intro to Rand Hoppe from the Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center. Paper Based Interactivity (what is that???), their displays and how awesome the work they do is! Also what the hell is the Tribes Trilogy?

(1:05:31 - 1:10:00) - The story of Jack Kirby's Black Hole adaption as told by Rand Hoppe!!!!

(1:10:01 - 1:15:15) - We ask Mr. Hoope "How do you feel about Marvel & DC's current homages to Jack?"

(1:15:16 - Fin) - Outro

Kirby Konnections:

Ghost Rider #18 by Nelson

Kamandi #4

FF #72 - Kirby Krackle abound!

The Dream Machine

Maps of kamandi

FF Annual #3 - Diagram of The Baxter Building

Devil Dinosaur #1

1979 Pocket Novel Captain America

Kirby photo collage in Thor

Letter to Stan & Jack from George RR Martin

Tribes #1

Tribes #2

Tribes #3

Unpublished Photo Collage of Jack Kirby

Arlen Schumer's Visual-lecture at the 92nd Street Y... coming soon! 

BACK ROW: Mike D, Rand Hoppe, Rob Martin
Front Row: Al Accettura, Nelson DeCastro, Vin Ferante

BACK ROW: Mike D, Rand Hoppe, Rob Martin
Front Row: Al Accettura, Nelson DeCastro, Vin Ferante


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