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June 26, 2017

The Jacked Kirby Podcast: Episode #2 - The First Family of Comics

Welcome to this weeks episode of the Jacked Kirby podcast. Today we are tackling a subject near and dear to any fan of Jack Kirby... THE FANTASTIC FOUR!!!! The First Family of Marvel... hell, of ALL COMICS is an interesting topic to analyze. So hosts Tommy & Mike D welcome James West and Reverend Sal into the mix to offer their unique perspective on the team and all they have meant to comics!

 Check out the embedded player, show notes and much more after the jump...

Show Notes:

Guests: Mike D, Tommy Lombardozzi, Reverend Sal and James West

Episode Recap:

(Start - 5:30) Mike and Tommy introduce this weeks show and the topic of the FF!

(5:31 -  9:50) Introduction of this weeks guests James West and Reverend Sal 

(9:55 - 12:00) Reverend Sal schools the gang on reprinted issues, one of the ONLY ways to read old stories from back issues back in the 1970s.  

(12:01 - 14:45) Concepts from Challengers of the Unknown pop up in the FF, and who was responsible for that 4 on the chest of the team?

(14:46 - 19:30) The rebirth of superhero comics courtesy of the Fantastic Four.

(19:31 - 23:30) How did Jack and Stan critique society through the trials and tribulations of their characters like the FF, X-men, Black Panther. Did a revolutionary group really take their name from Kirby's creation? 

(23:30 - 26:30) How were the first few issues of the series SO Groundbreaking???? How many amazing concepts could be introduced in one book???

(26:31 - 34:45) The FF Annuals 1-6 contain more groundbreaking things than any series in the Marvel Universe! 

(34:46 - 38:20) Enter Joe Sinnott!!!!

(38:21 - 43:30) Key contributions to the Marvel Universe in the pages of the FF (Kree, Skrulls, Attlian, The heat pattern on the Human Torch, the brow on the Thing, 

(43:31 - 55:45 ) The wrap up,,,, what does it all mean to the members of the panel!

Outro Music of the Week: Hard as a Rock by AC/DC (1995)

This weeks Kirby Konnections:

70s reprints of the classic 60s stories!

FF #1 - The team in action for the first time

The Return of the Sub Mariner

Annual #2 - The true origin of Dr Doom 

Annual #3 - The Wedding of Sue and Reed Richards... and Doom plotting to ruin it!

FF #issue89 - Jack' signature heat lines of the Human Torch

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