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January 7, 2016

Already Missing 'Making a Murderer'? Hopefully These Memes Will Satisfy Your Appetite....

Making a Murderer on Netflix is literally ruining my life. I am OBSSESSED with the latest "Netflix & Chill" binge-worthy show and  I am not ashamed to say it. Them boys over at the Red Envelope have truly hit a homer with this one... and as soon as I was done I was pacing, thinking about when the next round of material in this new obsession would be coming my way! Since the first season just dropped on Dec 18th, I am assuming it might be a while before we see Lieutenant Lenk and his band of blood planting buffoons terrorize the Avery family again... so I turned to the Internet for an answer. And as per usual... the Internet NEVER DISAPPOINTS! Without any further ado, here is the Top 10 'Making a Murderer' themed memes that the 'Net has to offer! 

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