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January 14, 2016

The CCD Podcast: Episode #85 - Exclusive Interview With Steve Resk About His 'SuperShow: The Game' Kickstarter

So CCD.NYC is back from our holiday vacation and we are back to kick off year number 3 of the CCD Podcast! What better way to start off another great year of content than to welcome back our old friend Steve Resk of SRG Universe to discuss his newest project. Steve and the SRG gang are about to unleash a second set of their popular Unpredictable Card Game 'The Supershow'... and if their success with the first edition is any indication, this expansion set is going to be AWESOME!!!! Steve takes some time to come down into the CCD Nerd Cave and chop it up with Jedi Rob, talking about a variety of topics ranging from the history of the 'Supershow' game to the new Kickstarter Campaign they are running to fund it.

The Supershow: Set 2 - The Backlash is going to be awesome... and once again CCD is lucky enough to offer you a sneak peak! Get in there....

You should click here and head over to the Kickstarter page to watch SRG's awesome promo video, see samples of the cards, and even donate some dinero to the cause. Check out the STRETCH GOALS and REWARDS that are being offered... they make donating well worth it!

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