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October 5, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #71 - The 2nd Annual "Live From St. Mark's Comics" Podcast to Kick OFF NY Super Week & Comic-Con or "I Can't Believe They Asked Us Back!!!"

We here at CCD have been very lucky to have had some great memories and have attended some dope events due to the credibility that the website has given us. Whether it was attending early movie premieres or interviewing nerd celebrities on the main floor at NYCC, it has certainly been a wild ride. But one of the coolest things we ever had the pleasure of doing was hosting our 1st LIVE Podcast to kick off NY Super Week last year at St. Mark's Comics in NYC. It was so great! We got to interview the owner of the shop himself Mitch Cutler, had some of the CCD fam jump on for a minute, and overall had a great show. It was one of CCD's best moments.

Fast forward one year and NYCC is right around the corner again. It has been a big year for us, and we are gearing up for our very own BOOTH on the main floor of NYCC (Booth #222... come see us). But one of the coolest things surrounding this years Super Week & NYCC has to be that Mitch asked us back to host The 2nd Annual LIVE CCD Podcast recording! What an honor. This time we had to step it up, so in addition to interviewing the bossman of St. Mark's himself we sat down with a handful of CCD affiliated artists who will have prints available for sale at our NYCC Booth! It was a great show, and we are so proud of the event... we sure hope St. Mark's asks us to come back for ROUND 3 NEXT YEAR! So sit back and enjoy the ride with Mike D & Jedi Rob as they get you ready for New York Comic Con 2015!!!

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