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October 2, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #70 - Amazing Documentary Picks or "Documentaries Are Movies Too, Dammit !!!"

Documentaries... ah.... the red headed step brother of feature length movies. While docs have come a long way in terms of mainstream acceptance, they are still looked at from afar and not looked at as typical movies. But if you give them a chance, and find the right documentary... man, can you find some gems. So we decided to take a break from our typical "regular" movie talks and delve deep into what we think are some of the best docs ever made. Give them a chance... they might change your life!

Listen to host Jedi Rob Martin as he is joined by documentary filmmaker (what is he doing on THIS episode?) Leland James and the lovely & talented Mrs. Alicia Gomes as they will help you find some great documentaries to enjoy for your viewing pleasure!  

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