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October 26, 2015

Faux Figures For The Seasons By The Minion Factory

Canadian Phil Postma has a gift for creating products that never existed but SHOULD have. This is an older set but one that would be a huge seller in certain circles. Check out his website below for some great conceptual art.

It's a BLAST FROM THE PAST with the Fisher-Price adventure people. Some of you might remember these from your childhood but probably don't remember them being so bloody gory. That is my fault, this mash-up just popped into my brain one afternoon and I just had to make them. It is a literally my youth mashed together with toys I have played with as a kid and my love of the horror movies from teen years.
I also chopped up some Backgrounds from "Scoody-doo: Mystery Incorporated" and put them in the illustration to make my drawings look better since My BG skills are lacking. And before anybody asks, they are done entirely in Photoshop and are not real custom figures.

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