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January 27, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #40.5 - CCD's Favorite Snowy Night Movies For Your Viewing Pleasure or Bring On The Snow, Just Don't Take Out My Netflix Connection!

So most of the NYC area (as well as other spots on the Eastern Seaboard) are being blessed with a day off of work and school due to the impending Snowpocalypse known as Winter Storm Juno. So in honor of the killer storm that might bury us all in snow, CCD's podcaster extraordinaire Jedi Rob decided to offer up some suggestions on what movies you guys may want to dig out of your home video collection or stream on Netflix during this weather crisis. I for one am ready and EAGER for a snow storm filled with binge movie watching and junk food eating! Who else is in? Check out the podcast after the jump, and stay warm/safe during this SNOWMEGEDON!

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