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January 26, 2015

Today Is CCD's 5th Anniversary... WOW!!!!!!!

Hey guys... today is the 5th Anniversary of the creation of this here CCD blog. I had the idea for Cultural Compulsive Disorder when I was sitting alone in my apartment one night checking emails. Me and a few of the guys were bouncing emails back and forth about cool stuff we found online. Things like dope art, cool nerdy T Shirts, or the newest movie trailer. These email threads would go on forever between my core group of friends.... so why not give a central place for us to go to and view all these stories? Hence the birth of CCD... and oh so far we have come. We went from a 20 post a week blog to a company that sports it's own Podcast, it's own bi-monthly art shows, and even a companion website to sell nerdy art created just for us! In the five years we have been around we have had over 3,500 POSTS, over 5,000 comments, and OVER 6,000,000 PAGEVIEWS... HOLY SHIT! 6 Million yo... who would thunk it? So this goes out to the whole CCD creative fam that ever composed a post, the CCD extended fam that comes to all our functions and supports us, all the readers of the blog, and even all the people who have ever shared one of our links on their favorite social media network... THANK ALL OF YOU VERY MUCH! CCD is on the upswing... but if it ended all RIGHT NOW it would be ok with me cause this is more then I could have ever imagined it becoming!

Thanks again gang... 5 years down, 55 more to GO!

Mike D.
Creator of Cultural Compulsive Disorder

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