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December 6, 2014

The CCD Podcast #34.5 - "The Supershow" Unpredicatable Card Game or 'Who Wants To See Jedi Rob Get Choked Slammed In The Nerd Cave???'

Our buddy Steve Resk and the gang over at SRG Universe have a brand new wrestling themed card game entitled 'The Supershow'. Since he was kind enough to throw us an assist on Episode #34 of the CCD Podcast we figured we would repay the favor with a little .5 episode where Joey Esq and Jedi Rob play each other in a Legendary Fighting Federation match! The results are an awesome podcast highlighting a fantastic new game that is bringing back old school social interaction and camaraderie one choke slam at a time!!! Check out some of the cool packaging and artwork from the game (courtesy of  artist Nunoh) after the jump, as well as the episode. Please jump over to Itunes and Subscribe, Download, Listen and SHARE the podcast on all your favorite social media platforms!

Here are some pics:

The Official Show Card of the Legendary Fighting Federation

Game sets on deck...

Legendary Fighting Federation wrestler Smiley

An actual card from the game

Legendary Fighting Federation The Rising Sun

Official Site:




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