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October 31, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #30 - The "Halloween" Retrospective Part 4 or 'Rob Zombie Is Re-Making Halloween??? Great!!!... or Great???"

So we have worked our way through three fantastic episodes of the CCD Podcast in our 'Halloween' Film Franchise retrospective and we are coming to and end with Part 4. In this one, Jedi Rob and his Halloween cohorts Kristen Grillo & Steven Graves tackle the two Rob Zombie re-makes/re-imaginings in one final visit to Haddonfield. These two films cause quite a bit of controversy among fans of the film series, and it leads to quite a funny episode between the three CCD Myers gang to bring this retrospective in full circle. A perfect way to end this month & 2014 All Horror Week , landing to an episode release on Halloween itself!!! Make sure you head on over to Itunes and Subscribe, Download, Listen and SHARE this episode on your favorite forms of social media....


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