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October 31, 2014

Buckle Up, Buttercup: Jack Burton & The Crew Are Coming To Pop! Vinyl....

"Tall guys, weird clothes...  First you see him, then you don't"... Yup, good old Jack Burton. One of the bets characters in one of the best movies you never expected to be great. So much fun, John Carpenter's 'Big Trouble In Little China' is a really great Sci-Fi/Horror/Action romp that has carved out a niche in the movie world that lots of people love. So when I hear that Funko Pop vinyl toys is bringing out 6 figures this February honoring some of the characters, I was head over heels... and here is why! Even 25+ years later, the movie finds a home through the characters. I am also currently reading the comic series from Boom! Studios that continues the movies story, and the reason I am really happy for this line is that after they get these main characters out of the way they can come out with a series 2 featuring all the freaky monsters of the film! You hear me Funko.... get cracking, I need that wild bear monster now! Check out which five characters  joined Jack on the Pork Chop Express from Funko, a perfect post Christmas gift for any Carpenter fanatic....

You can find these guys for Pre-Order for 9.99 each (a good price) by clicking here. 

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