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October 26, 2014

CCD Interviews: Live From The 2014 NY Comic Con Show Floor - Artist Ken Knudtsen

So this year, like every year, we hope to find some new fantastic artistic talent down in Artist Alley. We send our intrepid reporter Tommy Lombardozzi out among the artists to find the best and brightest of up and comers... no need to stop by the established artists tables, we are looking for the ones that people don't quite know yet... but will very soon! Ken Knudtsen is that kind of guy. With an awesome comic of his own (My Monkey's Name is Jennifer), and some fantastic commission work done at the show (courtesy of his own blog), Mr. Knudtsen shows exactly why we chose to feature the guy here on CCD. Oh, it doesn't hurt that my man Ken is also a fellow contributor to the Sketch Lottery... which Tommy & I happen to be memebers and contributors of!!!! Lot's of fun, hope you guys enjoy the interview and pics of Ken's commissions from this years show after the jump....

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