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October 27, 2014

CCD Interviews: Live From The Show Floor Of The 2014 NY Comic Con - Sal Lo Medico

Real recognizes real... that is just the truth. We met Sal Lo Medico back last year at a smaller comic con held at a NYC hotel and I immediately knew that this dude was just like us. Sal is just a Brooklyn based artist that does awesome work featuring pop culture/horror/comic book icons that we all know and love so much. So it is not a surprise that we actually hit it off. Oh, and did I mention that his specialty is designing posters that are in spectacular 3-D? These things look phenomenal to the regular eye, but slide on a pair of vintage 3-D glasses (which Sal provides if you buy a print!) and the magic happens!!! Such great pieces, and the craziest part about the whole thing is that our buddy Sal sold out his whole NY Comic Con stock in just THREE DAYS!!!! Wow, a successful show for a successful artist. We are looking forward to working with Sal at one of our future art shows... sooner, rather than later. Check out his facebook page, his website, his red bubble page, and after the jump you find his interview conducted by the one and only CCD interviewer extraordinaire Tommy Lombardozzi....


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