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October 23, 2014

CCD Interviews: Live From The 2014 NY Comic Con Floor - Sidekick Trading Card Publishing

I love it when we are walking the floor of the NY Comic Con and come across something quite unique. So when I saw a man operating a hand operated printing press in The Block area, making up ink images of the Millennium Falcon on dictionary pages... wait, what... I knew I had to stop in and see what was up!  Yup, the gang over at Sidekick Trading Card Publishing were doing all types of fun stuff at their booth, and proprietor Tom Litchman had no problem bringing us into the world of vintage printing presses and wax packs of cards that was the Sidekick booth. The antique press that they brought to the show was insane 95 year old Chandler & Price hand fed platinum press and it was a show stopper for sure! People were staring in awe as Tom was banging out print after hand rolled print to the enjoyment of all that stopped to watch. It was epic...

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The company has a variety of these old fashion presses back home in Vermont and make all types of prints. They were selling 2 specific ones that were Comic Con friendly, both Groot & Darth Vader on a vintage stock stamp ranging in 4 x 6 to huge poster size... and the price points were extremely low (aka customer friendly!).

Their bread and butter are wax pack trading cards sets. Some of these are sets that are near and dear to Tom's interests (The Mars Lander series) and others are collaborations with famous artists like Sucklord. These things take you right back to the 80s... and they even sell a "make your own wax pack" series in which you can create your own trading card series!!! These guys are awesome, and we had a great time interviewing them. After we were done, Tom and the guys hooked us up with a ton of prints, packs of cards and general goodness... all on the HOUSE!!!! These guys are fantastic.

Check out their website for more good stuff that they got going on. And check back here at CCD for more interviews live from the 2014 NY Comic Con floor.

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