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October 22, 2014

2014 NY Comic Con: Through The Eyes Of CCD - Part 4

One of the specialties of ours here at CCD is our pictures from the NY Comic Con floor. We got a knack for catching a bunch of cool ass shots of the best cosplay, coolest displays and events, and the best products the show has to offer... so here is the first set of pics featuring the gang live from the show floor!!!! Thanks to Tommy L for the shots...  If you want to see the first set click here, here, and here Enjoy set #2 and the many more sets to come over the next few days!!! Photos after the jump...

Doc Strange in the Range like whoa... 


Nightwing & Wonder Woman

Anime chicks...

Candy Corn Demon Horns... Yup!

Cool Gang of kids

Bizzarro & Lex Luthor


Sexy Lanterns

Throw it up!!!!

PP & Keaton Batman

I spy.... a creepy guy!!!

R2- PP2

Gremlin with water bucket... great! 

Slimer & chick Ghostbuster

Main Entrance

Cap Shield bag... 

Contempt for the NERDS!!!!!

3s up.... Gs Up!!!!

Loki & The Sorceress 

Male Sif and Female Thor... very cool role reversal. 

Female Thor

Marvel's Finest



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