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August 13, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #17 - The Best "Expendable" Movie Ever or 'More On Board... Moron Board.... Yeah, I Like That'

Whether you like the movies or not, the Expendable movie franchise is flourishing and has made a bunch of duckets over the past few years. Sly Stallone came up with the idea of a team of commandos who would be made up of past action stars that are now out of the spotlight. Even though that was what was teased, the first film finds us seeing old guys like Sly, Dolph Lundgren, and Arnold with newer action stars like Jason Statham, Jet Li and Terry Crews. It ended up being a lot of fun, and made lots of money... so in Expendables 2 they brought in lots of other 80s/90s former action stars like Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis, Jean Claude Van Damme and many more to make the sequel even bigger. And now we are on the dawn of The Expendables 3.... and we are getting even more former action stars!!! Wesley Snipes, Antonio Banderas, Mel Gibson, and Harrison Ford are joining the already expansive cast, and I am sure it will be quite fun. So in honor of the franchise and all it has accomplished Jedi Rob, Mike D and Jeff Bond take a look back at the former movies that these guys have been in where they were kicking major ass. We are running down some of the classics of action cinema, and it is fun looking back at all the goofy shit these guys have done. As an added bonus I have added some Expendables themed art after the jump to help set the mood. Make sure you head over to ITunes where you can Download, Listen, Subscribe, and SHARE with all your friends.... Lets Get Ready TO BLOW SOME SHIT UP!!!!!  

Here is some great art, courtesy of Deviant Art as usual.

Barney by Tiger Target

Expendables 3 poster by CZJ

The Guys who we wish were in Expendables 3: Bruce Lee, Clint Eastwood, Richard Roundtree, Charles Bronson. Tom Cruise, and Russell Crowe by Earth Dog 420

The Disposables by Pertheseus

Barney by Wael

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