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August 25, 2014

Street Art Meets Super Heroes In Artist Dillon Boy's Work....

There is nothing I enjoy more than finding a cool artists work on Instagram or the Internet, no matter how late to the party I may be. Artist James 'Dillon Boy' Wright has been on the scene for a minute (his Obama 'Hope' poster concoction got him into Time Magazine way back in 2008) and I have seen a few of his pieces over the years. But I just found his Instagram page and was blown away by some of the work he had going on. He has a 'Western Grafitti' series that portrays some of your favorite superheroes in western style get-ups, guns a blazing. Then he has his crazy Disney princess re-creations, or his 'superheros meet real life' mash-ups like 'Nobody Likes The Thing' (my personal fave) which puts these extraordinary characters into real life situations (Thing is getting no likes or comments on Instagram... lol). His shit is dope... and like a typical creative artist he doesn't just stop at the actual artwork. If you look at the contents of his Instagram feed in grid format he takes close ups of his work and makes 6 and 9 square collages that supersize his pieces. A pretty great way to show of the detail of his pieces. So even though I may be a bit late to the party on Dillon Boy's work, it is never to late to give a cat his props when they are due. Check out his Big Cartel store, where you can cop some of his crazy cool art at a relatively cheap price for such a big shot artist. Check out my faves after the jump...

Western Graffiti series faves:

Superheroes with real problems:

Cap, Grid Style:

2008 Time Magazine article about Obama, Dillon's piece is circled....


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