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August 25, 2014

Critical Hits Cocktails Takes Over Geek & Sundry Vlogs To Make Your Geek Drinking Dreams Come True...

Geek and Sundry Vlogs has a stable of great geek related videos over at their Youtube page. That is a given... but some are definitely more appealing to my particular geek sensibilities than others. Critical Hit Cocktails does just that, with host Mitch Hutts, takes nerd friendly characters and properties and comes up with awesome drink recipes to satisfy your geeky palate. They make both alcoholic and non alcoholic recipes, and the best part is that if you take some of their non alcoholic drinks and just add a spirit of your choice you can still get a buzz out of it! These are great, and Hutts minds the classics for his inspiration. TMNT, Harry Potter... hell, the newest video is a Star Lord inspired drink, which is fitting since Guardians of the Galaxy is killing it right now. The best part is the instructions are easy to follow and the ingredients are simple and easy to obtain. So in just a few minutes you can turn yourself into the Nerdiest Mixologist of all time! All of them are fun, so make sure you check em all out... I will be making some of these behind the bar this weekend, so I will let you know how they shake out!

Star Lord:


Donatello from TMNT:

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