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August 26, 2014

Sketch Lottery Gets 'Hare-y' With Last Weeks Entry: Usagi Yojimbo!!!!

I have never hid my love for Stan Sakai and his wondrous contribution to the world of comics, samurai rabbit Usagi Yojimbo. I love the character, and always had a soft spot for his depiction in comics and other mediums as well. Most people know Usagi from his stint as a supporting character in TMNT, but he has a long and detailed publication history in his own books that deserves to be highlighted. Well my good friend (and fellow Usagi enthusiast) Tommy Lombardozzi decided to enter Yojimbo into the pool of entries at Sketch Lottery... and last week he was chosen as the subject! So 27 artists gave it a shot, and the results are amazing!!! I picked out my faves (after the jump), but you should click here and check out all 27. Also make sure you check back to Sketch Lottery every Friday for next weeks subject, and check back in all week as they post all the entries start pouring in. Enjoy the art, these guys did Stan Sakai proud....

Tommy Lombardozzi 

Sally Cips

Joey Armao

Lou Mazzela

Thomas Napolitano

Chris Clarke

Ant Picone

Elgin Braden

Brian Maclean

Jason Baroody

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