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July 30, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #15 - The Best Space Operas Ever or You Talkin' About Some Damn Sharks Mother Up In Space? I Will Whip A Glaive At Your Head...

The eve of the release of Guardians of the Galaxy is upon us, so you know the CCD Podcast gang had to tackle the unique genre the film fits in... Space Operas!!! Guardians is very unique in the sense that it is a space set, buddy team up, comedic ensemble film that exists in a very small group of films. So we decided to talk about the films that were similar to this from the past: Think 'Krull', 'The Last Starfighter', 'Flight of the Navigator', 'Galaxy Quest', and the like. It is a fun filled trip down space movie memory lane... so why not join us and celebrate this seldom used genre on the verge of its biggest movie release yet? Enjoy some art and the podcast itself after the jump....

The Real Rocket & Groot by Ratscape

The Guardians of the Galaxy (Raccoons Only Variant) by Joe Endres

Guardians Wallpaper by Tim Bern

Rocket, Groot & Howard the Duck by Jay Fosgitt

K is for Krull by Marco D. Carillo

Krull papercraft arcade cabinet by PaperCrafter 1

The Last Starfighter by Jeremy Dale 

And now for the main event:

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