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June 11, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #6 -The Worst Movies Based On TV Shows or 'A Treaties On Miami Mice, The Winter of Your Discontent, and The Ghosts of Aventura Movie Theater Viewings Past.'

We are back in the saddle for Episode #6 of the CCD Podcast. Last time you tuned in we counted down our Top 3 movies adapted from a TV show. It was epic (you can find it here), and we had a great time doing it. But if people LIKE the Top 3 shows, they LOVE the BOTTOM 3 lists even more!!!! So this episode Alicia Gomes, Jedi Rob and Mike D countdown their Top 3 WORST Movies ever adapted from a TV show. Wow, these are some bad ones... but boy was it fun to bash them. We also talk up Marvel Comic's canceling the Fantastic Four book & shunning the X-Men from their 75th anniversary celebration, Jupiter Ascending & the Constantine TV show being pushed back for very different reasons, and just how happy Tommy Lombardozzi will be with Rob's #1 pick! It was a really great time, so make sure you catch the embedded podcast, all the links, and much more bonus content after the jump...

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This weeks art accompaniment come courtesy of Deviant Art. Out of all the 9 movies we selected as the worst TV adaptions ever, only two had pieces of art dedicated to them on Deviant Art. So enjoy these pieces from their respected artists:

Lost In Space by MJ Bivouac

Bewitched the Remake by Jerome K Moore

A special shout out to The League of Geekz Podcast (thanks for the mention in episode #17 guys) and my main man Sean Hamilton of Create Ink Studios for specifically for spreading the love!!! And also a huge shout out to Sam James for enduring most of the movies we talked about on the podcast with me back in the day!!!

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  1. But but, I loved Lost in Space, the movie. It was Matt LeBlanc's best movie and that is saying something - "And the Monkey Flips The Switch"