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June 11, 2014

Ohhhh... What the 'John Carter' Franchise Could Have Been.... Well, Titled At Least !!!

The 'John Carter' movie from Disney a few years back is considered one of the worst bombs in the history of movies. But it is truly unwarranted. The movie has its flaws, certainly, but it is overall a good film. Disney just shit the bed in terms of marketing. They dropped the "... Of Mars" part of the title!!!! It is based on a series of books called John Carter of Mars series... good lord, why make it sound like a period piece featuring Julia Roberts & George Clooney? Not to mention it starred Captain Curse himself, Taylor Kitsch. This movie had no chance. But director Andrew Stanton laments what might have been, and if the film would have done well than there is no doubt The House of Mouse would have franchised the shit out of it. Anyway, Stanton tweeted out the proposed next two title cards of the film. #2 would have been called John Carter: Gods of Mars, and #3 would have been John Carter: Warlord of Mars. Damn, I still can't understand how it took so long to adapt the book that inspired almost every idea you have ever seen in Sci Fi as you know it... and then they promptly fucked up. Damn. Check out the title cards after the jump...


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